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The Wise Marketer™ is the most widely read source of news, insights, and research on all topics related to data-driven, customer-centric marketing. We deliver timely and unbiased perspectives to a global audience of marketing professionals.

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Registering for our weekly newsletter puts you in elite company as you instantly become the proud owner of an exclusive Swiss Army Knife for Customer Loyalty. The Wise Marketer newsletter serves marketing professionals in over 128 countries and is fueled by original reporting from around the world, opinion and insight from our practitioner-led editorial team, executive interviews, press releases, news items, curated content, and more. With all that value packaged in one weekly communication, you’ll understand the Swiss Army Knife reference.

There is so much information flowing today that it’s important to have a shortlist of trusted, informative and valuable sources to fuel your business and your career. How else can you stay informed and ahead of the competition? This weekly newsletter keeps you informed and is a window into so many more resources at and the


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