Earn shares as you shop! Shop with over 300 brands through Upstreet's App or Google Chrome Extension and start earning share rewards at no extra cost.


Upstreet facilitates a fractional share reward program between companies and their customers. Fractional share rewards can help to increase customer loyalty leading to larger size purchases, more frequent purchases and improved customer sentiment.


Our Dual Mission:

  • For shoppers: To make it easy, smart and exciting to earn shares from the brands you love. 
  • For companies: To help you achieve long term “true loyalty” with your customers. 


*Share rewards are fractional in nature. Please see our FAQs for further details.

Upstreet. Earn shares as you shop.Upstreet facilitates fractional share rewards.

  • Customer share rewards :Customers can earn shares when purchasing your product online or in-store. (Example : a customer makes a $100 purchase and gets rewarded with $5 in shares).

    Employee share rewards : Employees earn fractional share rewards at the discretion of their employer.(Example : an employee refers a friend to join the company and receives $1,000 in share rewards).

    “On product” share rewards : Customers scan a unique barcode on your product and earn shares.  (Example : a customer scans a unique barcode on the label of a wine bottle and gets rewarded $4 in shares).