Founded in New Zealand in 2002 Tranxactor provides enabling technology delivering to the retail marketplace with solutions for real time consumer loyalty programmes and gift card or other closed loop payment programmes.  

With a strong presence In New Zealand and clients in Australia, SE Asia, the UK and Europe, Tranxactor has firmly established itself as a provider of consumer loyalty and payment solutions to the retail and QSR sectors.  

Tranxactor provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution including integration with retail point-of-sale; rules-driven processing; APIs for eCommerce; full connectivity to the payment networks (NZ only); and a range of tools for campaign management, reporting and financial control.

Tranxactor’s proprietary Thor processing platform operates in the Oracle Cloud (OCI) and has evolved over many years of real-life in-the-field experience to become the powerful and flexible platform it is today.  Because of Tranxactor’s end to end solution including financial settlement between stores and HQ, many of our clients are franchised groups and shopping malls.

Our underpinning philosophy is to partner with our clients to add tangible value through the technology and services we deliver.  The true testament to Tranxactor's commitment to service delivery is the impressive longevity of many of our clients, some of whom have been with us in excess of 15 years.  While the Tranxactor technology platform is the product, we recognise that after sales service is critical in maintaining client loyalty.  We pride ourselves on efficient account management and always going that extra mile whenever needed which is reflected in our large footprint in both retail and hospitality sectors.


  • Clients are in the following industries (in order):

    1. QSR
    2. Hospitality
    3. Shopping Malls
    4. General / Specialty Retail
    5. Supermarkets