Nurture relationships and create lasting loyalty on the world’s #1 CRM.

With Salesforce Loyalty Management, your business can engage with customers in meaningful ways — bringing value to their experience and to your business. 


Put the customer experience at the center of your loyalty program.

Leverage Customer 360 to deliver unique experiences. Generate a single source of truth for members that enables personalization at scale and weaves loyalty throughout the customer experience.

  • Make loyalty a business strategy informed by the power of Salesforce Customer 360
  • Get a unified view of your program members to engage them with relevant and personalized experiences
  • Make loyalty more than a program and bring it into every touch point in the customer or partner journey

Salesforce Loyalty Management

  • Salesforce Loyalty Management was launched in February of 2021.  It's designed to serve clients in:

    • Retail
    • Consumer goods
    • Manufacturing
    • Travel and hospitality