OpenSparkz is a highly automated, scheme agnostic, API-driven, low cost, loyalty and offers enablement platform. Our technology is integrated with the leading payment schemes, is highly scalable and can be rapidly deployed in any market globally. READ LESS∨ When consumers link their existing scheme credit or debit cards, their card becomes the loyalty card or the offer coupon. OpenSparkz accesses payment data, in real time, from payment schemes, calculates the reward and notifies the customer via their mobile device. This incredibly rich data means near real time analytics can be used to develop more offers to keep customers coming back and buying your products. It’s a complete eco-system that creates better experiences for program operators, consumers and merchants where all the merchant has to do is fund the offer. We’ve Re-Imagined The World Of Loyalty & Offers.  The Loyalty and Offers industry today has become far more complicated, difficult and expensive than it should be, and with consumers constantly bombarded with random offers, downloadable coupons as well as having to carry multiple loyalty cards…it’s just too hard. The system is inefficient, has too much cost, too much friction and too little access to powerful data. We believe there is a better way. Our vision has been to “re- imagine” the loyalty and offers world, where there are no physical or digital membership cards, codes or coupons, no complicated point of sale integrations and no expensive back end system development. No second swipe, scan or tap of a loyalty card, no code scanning, no backend integration, it all just happens simply and in real time. We re-imagined the future of loyalty and offers… and now we have made that a reality.

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