About Collinson

Personalised experiences that build lasting engagement and loyal customers We bring together disparate data sources, unlock insight and provide innovative programmes that deliver increased engagement, loyalty and lifetime value.



Make redemption even more rewarding for your customers. We use best-in-class technology and expertise to deliver experiences that grow better relationships.


Extend your rewards portfolio beyond your brand’s core products and experiences for a broader and more engaging approach to redemption. Our world-class e-commerce technologies update loyalty points balance in real-time, reflecting customers' latest account information and protecting against fraud.

Our rewards redemption solutions encourage engagement and spending, driving loyalty currency off your balance sheets and growing revenue by making it quicker and easier for customers to use points and/or cash to redeem for personalised rewards.

Continuous innovations in technology enable us to offer wider redemption solutions. Our unique pay-with-points solution gives customers more choice on how to use points, both online and in-store, when paying with their preferred card.


SmartRedeem Store

Our award-winning, client-branded platform allows members to redeem points and earn on cash purchases against a personalised rewards catalogue. We offer over 10,000 rewards across 128 distinct categories for greater choice that helps improve engagement and drive profitability.

Collinson SmartRedeem Store

  • Clients are in the following industries (in order) :

    1. Airline
    2. Banks
    3. Hotels 

    Average member base is 150,000.