Smart technology to power customer connections.

Our payment linked solution allows retailers to instantly recognise and reward customers when they shop, driving deeper insights and lasting connections.


Reach millions of customers through our banking app partnership

Build precise customer insights recognise and reward customers every time they shop

Access flexible technology solutions enhance a customer engagement programme or start one today


See customers 100% of the time.

Bink has created a technology solution that links a customer’s bank cards to participating loyalty or engagement programmes. This ensures that customers are identified and rewarded every time they shop with you, providing a seamless user experience.


Average 70% marketing opt-in rates.


A flexible approach to retail technology solutions. We understand that all retailers have different needs so we have built a suite of flexible solutions that address this.

  • Whether you have an existing customer programme, or you need to establish one, our solution can work for you.
  • Customers can seamlessly join, link and manage loyalty and engagement programmes.
  • Engage with customers in your own channels, including your website and app.
  • We offer light touch integration.


  • Clients are in the following industries (in order):

    1. Banking
    2. Retail
    3. QSR