We change B2B behaviour. It is all we do, so we do it well.


Our core philosophy has been built on 3 pillars: Partnerships, Changing Behaviour, and a focus on the Strategy First, followed by adding the best reward to the mix. 


With a full in-house offer, we deliver services across four key areas of program design - software solutions, program management & communications and fulfilment of all reward types (catalogue – physical, digital, experience), prepaid Visa cards, and travel & events.


By partnering with 212F, we will create measurable change and behaviours that will improve your business performance.


  • Clients are in the following industries (in order):

    1. Trades
    2. Automotive
    3. Agricultural
    4. IT/Technology
    5. Utilities
    6. Property & Real Estate
    7. Airlines
    8. Pharmaceuticals

    Any B2B client selling through resellers or distribution with a channel pain point.