The Warehouse's new Market Club loyalty program will be New Zealand's biggest

The Warehouse Group's Annual Report yesterday provided insights to their customer loyalty strategy.


Their existing loyalty programs include:

  • myNoelLeeming,

  • Torpedo7 Club,

  • TheMarket Club,

  • BizRewards

  • GiveIt - their an app-first loyalty programme trialed in The Warehouse. GiveIt will change in September. It will no longer feature the ability to collect and redeem coins. Relaunch is scheuled for October.

Flybuys can also be earned in Noel Leeming and Torpedo7 and redeemed in Noel Leeming.

The Warehouse Group's aims include building "a world-class customer ecosystem, powered by first-party customer data, [and] a loyalty platform that rewards and engages customers in the ways most important to them".

The Market Club - a single unified loyalty program across the Group

Later this year they'll also roll out the new unified loyalty program for all Group brands called the Market Club. It will include both a free and a subscription offer (The Market Club +), with subscriptions offering unlimited free shipping on millions of items. "This will evolve to integrate all existing programmes, giving even more benefit and utility to our customers, with the rollout starting this calendar year".

4 million members

They'll be consolidating nearly four million unique customer records across the existing loyalty programs into the Market Club.

This makes it New Zealand's biggest loyalty program. Air New Zealand Airpoints have 3.6 million members and Flybuys 2.4 million.

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