The Warehouse Group launches MarketClub; potentially New Zealand's biggest loyalty program

A free tier. Free shipping for $5.99 a month

Yesterday The Warehouse relaunched it's giveit pilot loyalty program as MarketClub. At the same time it's TheMarket Club membership also became MarketClub.

MarketClub is free to join and offers personalised offers, birthday rewards and will donate on your behalf to a cause.

A paid tier - MarketClub+ - adds free shipping on select items when you sepnd over $45. MarketClub+ costs $5.99 a month, $15 for 3 months or $50 for 12 months. Vodafone has been offering MarketClub+ membership for free to their customers for some time through their Vodafone Rewards program.

The program announces it will:

  • Include all of The Warehouse Group Companies (see below) and also partners.

  • Include persoanlised offers based on shopping history, preferences, engagement, activity and location.

  • Be available online and in store. In the Warehouse app, MarketClub includes a QR code for redemption in store of personalised offers. Not all group companies will use all the options listed and may choose to use it online only or offline only or pehaps not at all (for instance - it doesn't seem to be offered by Torpedo7 currently).

The Warehouse Group has 4 million individual cusstomers across all of it's loyalty offerings. If MarketClub becomes availabel across all of these relationships it will become the biggest loyalty program in New Zealand.

Pure play online marketplaces are taking on the major bricks and mortar retailers by adding loyalty programs

The original, pure play, online marketplaces (equivalent to New Zealand's Trade Me) are all adding paid loyalty programs.

In New Zealand Mighty Ape was first to launch a free delivery , paid membership program called Primate. At $6 a month (for a three month period) it's priced the same as MarketClub+ from The Warehouse Group. It also offers personalised offers and adds upgrades to shipping and priority access to service.

In Australia all the online leaders have paid loyalty programs. The leader is of course Amazon Prime with an unassailable lead. Free shipping is merely the foundation on top of which they add Prime Video, free books and more. eBay and Catch have programs very similar to MarketClub+.

eBay Australia

  • eBay offers eBay Plus for $4.99 a month

  • Free express shipping on select items

  • Free returns on select items

  • Persoanlised offers

Catch (has 100,000 members)

  • Catch offers Catch Club for $6.50 a month.

  • Free shipping on eligible items

  • Personalised offers

  • Early access to events

  • Catch offers 1 Flybuys point per dollar spent which it doubles to 2 Flybuys points per dollar spent for paying Catch Club members

Large retailers with loyalty programs are also launching marketplaces in Australia

Woolworths Australia (owner of Countdown) launched it's marketplace called Everyday Market in September. Customers can earn Woolworths loyalty program Everyday Rewards points across Everyday Market. Everyday Rewards has 12.5 million members.

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