Tank Juice to launch a new loyalty program in New Zealand

Tank Juice today announced they'll be launching a new loyalty program in New Zealand for their juice bars. Founded in Kingsland in 1998, Tank now has 90 stores across New Zealand.

Tank's appointed NZX listed Plexure (NZX:PX1) to deliver the loyalty program. Plexure recently acquired Australian founded Task and retructured after doubling losses. Tank will use almost all of the newly amalgamated Plexure and Task platform including:

  • Point of Sale with integrated payments

  • Kitchen display

  • Self-service kiosk

  • Online ordering

  • Back-office enterprise configuration tools, web API and real-time reporting

  • Mobile ordering

  • The loyalty app to drive data-led customer engagement and personalisation.

Plexure last month recently withdrew it's revenue guidance as supply chain issues impacted it's business.

Tank's CFO Sam Holdem noted "Taking advantage of the Plexure personalisation suite, as part of the combined product set, is extremely exciting and we can’t wait to lead innovation and customer engagement in our segment, leveraging TASK and Plexure capabilities".

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