Sky to launch a loyalty program. Look to Sky UK and Foxtel Australia for what it might look like.

At Sky TV's AGM last week; CEO Sophie Moloney unveiled their new, white, set top box. She also announced it was "planning rewards for its loyal customers, some of whom had been with Sky since its launch 31 years ago. In the coming period we will deliver a series of initiatives to thank and recognise those Sky box customers who are the strategic strength of our business.”

Sky previously offered a range of discounts through the Sky Perks program and app. Launched in 2016, Perks was shuttered in 2019 because it was unpopular. Less than 1% of the base used it on a regualr basis.

Sky UK

Sky's equivalents in the UK (Sky) and Australia (Foxtel) both have almost identical loyalty programs.

In 2017 Sky TV UK launched what's become the template for a TV loyalty program in Sky VIP. Sky customers are rewarded purely based on how long they've been Sky customers with increasingly more generous tickets, experiences, tech and rewards.

  • Silver Tier : 0-3 years; access to exclusive experiences

  • Gold Tier : 3-8 years; free fibre set up and SkyGo extra

  • Platinum Tier : 8-15 years; access to rewards

  • Diamond Tier: 15+ years; preferential service, discounts on premium equipment

Foxtel Australia

In 2019 Foxtel (Australia) followed suit with a replica of Sky's VIP in Foxtel First. Their tier splits are exactly the same and the names similar;

  • Bronze: 0-3 years

  • Silver: 3-8 years

  • Gold: 8-15 years

  • Diamond: 15+ years.

It would be unlikely that a New Zealand Sky loyalty strategy wouldn't build on this foundation especially given that Sky's new CFO, James Marsh, has just joined from Foxtel.

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