NZ Listed Loyalty company Plexure acquires Australian hospitality POS platform TASK

Plexure today announced it's acquiring Australian based TASK Software for $126 million. Plexure's CEO of 4 years Craig Herbison left recently. CEO and founder of Task Daniel Houden will become Plexure's new CEO.

Plexure's income was $29 million in the last year, TASK's was $14 million.

Phil Norman, Plexure Group Chairman (and also Loyalty New Zealand/Flybuys Chairman) , said "clients want to provide each customer with a personalised, positive experience on device and in-venue. Major enterprise customers strive, and usually fail, to do this today by integrating multiple vendor solutions and managing complex internal management requirements. With this acquisition, we will enable clients to deliver a better experience and a personalised and seamless service to all their customers, on mobile devices and throughout the venue, through an integrated, highly scalable platform.”

Plexure today

  • The business

  • Plexure has a portfolio of product capabilities allowing a brand to design, deliver and measure the effectiveness of engaging with their customers."

  • Founded in 2010

  • Listed (both NZX and ASX)

  • Recognised by Gartner

  • Head office in Auckland and staff in USA, Holland, Japan, Denmark and UK

  • 167 staff (90 in the technology teams)

  • Clients include :

  • McDonalds globally except in the USA (McDonald's makes up almost all of Plexure's income today),

  • Pita Pit (new this year in New Zealand),

  • Loyalty New Zealand

  • White Castle (USA)

  • SuperIndo (Indonesia - supermarket)

Plexure with Task

"TASK complements the Plexure proposition, creating an end-to-end marketing and operations platform for hospitality/retail customers. The data that the TASK operations

platform generates enables Plexure AI/ML lifecycle management as part of a fully integrated offering".

Clients include:

  • Spark Arena

  • Baker's Delight

  • Muffin Break

  • Skycity,

  • Jamaica Blue

  • Starbucks

The Quick Serve Restaurant loyalty platform category is undergoing fast aggregation into platform plays. Commonwealth Bank of Australia (owner of ASB Bank) bought Doshii in January of this year. Doshii is a platform business that brings a multitude of apps for running a hospitality business together and now adds Commonwealth Bank's 10 million customers to scale them. Payments and loyalty are fast combining into a single offering. In Doshii are competitors to the loyalty offering of Plexure including WOWAPPS, Loke and Beam Wallet.

TASK's positioning appears to be in Enterprise SaaS and away from SME offerings such as Doshii (below from the Management Presentation on the NZX today).

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