Gratifii wins Australia's Click Frenzy for both loyalty and Card Linked Offers (and publishes fees)

Australia's Click Frenzy is to launch a loyalty program and Card Linked Offers with ASX listed Gratifii. Click Frenzy, with 1.7 million members, runs several major ecommerce events every year similar to the USA's Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

“For our business model, we believe Card Linked Offers offer the best solution to meet our unique needs” said Click Frenzy's Head Of Innovation Grant Arnott.

Card Linking of the online only (today) offers on Click Frenzy would allow for online-to-offline matching and the deeply discounted online Click Frenzy offers could be made available in store where the majority of trade occurs.


Interestingly, Gratifii has published it's licence fees for the three year deal which are $360k for Gratifii's Mosaic loyalty platform and includes it's card linking partnership with OpenSparkz. While the full fee model isn't disclosed, it's unusual to find licence fees this low for either a loyalty platform or a card linking platform and doubly unusual for both together.


Click Frenzy owner Global Marketplace bought New Zealand's GrabOne in August of this year for $17.5 million from NZME. GrabOne has "2,400 Active Merchants and over 300,000 consumer members."

With more market place loyalty programs launching in New Zealand including first mover Mighty Ape (Primate), The Warehouse's recently launched MarketClub and an expectation that Woolworths Australia's newly launching Everyday Market will be replicated in New Zealand, we may see GrabOne leverage Click Frenzy successes and offer a loyalty program in New Zealand.

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