Gratifii's Card Linking partnership with OpenSparkz : technology and merchant offers combined

Card linking is brand new in New Zealand - significant in Australia and UK

Card linked marketing is big globally but nascent in New Zealand. It's begining it's expansion in Australia lead by offerings from:

The key challenge in making card linking work is not technology but content. There are several card linking platforms available to integrate to a loyalty program but generally very few merchants participating. A loyalty manager could stand up the technology swiftly but not have merchants providing offers for customers to earn cashback or bonus loyalty points on.

Loyalty, merchant offers and card linking in one platform - Rewards As A Service

Gratifii, (ASX:GTI) the Australian listed loyalty platform provider with an existing network of merchants and offers, today announced they've added card linking platform OpenSparkz to their solution. They describe it as bringing "together the two halves of a whole, with a wide range of merchant offers and customer rewards now harnessed to an accessible delivery platform".

"Announcing the availability of the new Payment Linked Loyalty Solution, OpenSparkz Chief Executive Terry McMullen said, “What makes the Gratifii and OpenSparkz partnership so powerful is that it joins our award-winning payment linked technology with the rich offer content and loyalty assets from Gratifii to deliver a total solution at a disruptively low cost.”"

“Our tech teams have been able to work together seamlessly to deliver a world class solution for the frictionless accumulation and redemption of rewards,” said Gratifii Executive Chairman Iain Dunstan.

Gratifii growing

Gratifii's revenues are up 48.7% and they've acquired Neat Ideas and their portfolio of merchant offers. Gratifii work with Westpac, Coles, Bunnings, Officeworks and Target. They've expanded their executive with Daniel Nissen (ex-Entertainment Group) and Alexa Hien (ex-Collinson Group) joining.

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