Comarch’s Jarek Wludyka; a 16 year OE from Poland, through Southeast Asia to Australia and NZ.


Born in Poland, I have a Master’s Degree in Economics but have spent all of my career in IT. I’ve done 9 years at IBM working in IT project and program management as well as in commercial roles for large corporate clients. I’ve been with Comarch for 7 years with the first five in South East Asia and the last two in Australia.

Interests, sports & hobbies

My personal passion is travelling and experiencing new cultures. I’ve lived all over the world (Poland, Czech Republic, Malaysia and Australia) and particularly love travelling around South East Asia including Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore. I really enjoy the tropical climate.


I’m married with two children and the family enjoys hiking in the bush, coastal walks and camping.

How I got into loyalty

Most of my technology experience has been in loyalty and most recently thanks to a Kiwi tier 1 Telco transformation project I’m enhancing my telecommunication expertise.

Who is Comarch?

Comarch is very versatile – that’s one of our key strengths. We can come into any industry and be comfortable offering not just loyalty but many other solutions. Our key categories are Retail (and particularly large retailers), Travel (airlines, airports, car hire), Oil & Gas, Telco and Finance.

Where was Comarch founded and who are the founders ?

Comarch was founded on 28th Oct 1993 in room 415 of the Cracow University of Science and Technology by Professor Janusz Filipiak and a handful of his students. Professor Filipiak is a telecommunications professor who has cooperated with a number of universities around the world including in Poland, Australia, Canada and France.

Professor Filipiak has, from his early career in education, been very interested in practical application of knowledge and has been at the forefront of collaboration between academia and business. Comarch was the final manifestation of his drive to utilize the potential of STEM knowledge and contribute to the world in a meaningful and practical way.

Professor Filipiak has spent 2 years working at the Teletraffic Research Centre at the University of Adelaide, and he has many fond memories from that time

Where did the Comarch name come from ?

Comarch’s name is the contraction of Computer Architecture to form Com-arch.

Where has Comarch expanded to ?

Comarch operates in 36 countries with 91 offices and 59 subsidiaries globally. Comarch’s success is driven by the quality of our work and philosophy of working with clients, which is based on trust, delivery on time and budget and lastly meeting the clients’ needs with modern, configurable IT solutions.

How does Comarch approach this market ?

We entered Australia with new client Tabcorp. We’re also BP’s global partner and run large loyalty programs for them in several market including Australia. We’re also partner with the Australian Loyalty Association and Loyalty Central New Zealand through which we aim to contribute to the loyalty industry.

How is Comarch’s offering structured to help loyalty managers ?

We offer both enterprise grade solutions and now cloud versions of our solution and we have a longer pedigree in loyalty than most stretching back to 2002 when we launched our first project with BP. Because we’re first a technology company, we’re very strong in picking up the heavy lifting related to integration.

Customers have direct impact on our products and thanks to the Agile approach in our R&D we are adopting new requirements in “fast track approach”. Thanks to that our customers can benefit from all the latest features ensuring best time to market & value. All of our customers are part of Customer Advisory Board and on the regular basis where they’re sharing with us their concepts while Comarch experts are presenting with them global trends and best business practices

In our humble opinion others sell dreams frequently not having the fundamentals, while Comarch delivers these fundamental (technical) capabilities on which dreams become reality. We’ve observed other loyalty providers overpromise and not deliver. They are arguably better than us in selling to marketers because they speak the same language – but should that be a reason to select a loyalty technology company? Not in our opinion. I’d like to try and help evolve the criteria businesses in AU and NZ use to select loyalty platforms. They need to look deeper than the cover of the book.

Who does Comarch work with ?

What’s next for Comarch ?

Qantas and BP : Comarch’s solution maturity allows our clients to be bold and comfortable introducing innovative offerings, while the norm on the market is that either some things are not possible or cost an arm and a leg to deliver. Comarch does that and we do that with a short time to market. An example is the “Pay with Qantas points”, a solution which allows real time usage of a third party points at BP stations (POS, and mobile app).

Comarch does not stop innovating. Having done over a 100 implementations and supporting many global and innovative brands all over the world we continue to push the boundary of what is possible. Our roadmap is closely aligned with the business needs of our clients and the market. For 2022 Comarch has either already rolled out or will roll out the following exciting features: extended support for subscription model loyalty programmes, enhanced partner portal for coalition or partner loyalty programmes, digital receipts, enhanced augmented reality offers and many more to come in the following years.

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