Baby Bunting partners with Cheetah Digital for loyalty and is coming to New Zealand.

Baby Bunting

Baby Bunting is Australia’s largest specialty baby goods retailer. It's grown from a single Australian store in 1979 to 64 stores today and is now listed on the ASX. In the last financial year sales grew 10% to $239.1 million (same-store sales up 6.8%) and NPAT was up 12.2% at $8.1million.

It will open 10 stores in New Zealand and bring it's recently launched loyalty program, Baby Bunting Family, to our shores.

Loyalty program

Baby Bunting Family was launched in 2021 in Australia. Key metrics:

  • 1.3 million members in under a year

  • Membership growing at 17% year on year - growing at 25,000 members per month

  • Members re-engage at milestones and subsequent births

  • Second phase of the program anticipated in the second half of this year

  • Will have expanded benefits and personalised offers

Loyalty is part of a comprehensive transformation program that includes headless digital and ecommece platforms, a data and analytics capability and a modernised brand. Click and collect orders, where Baby Bunting has a store, account for 59% of orders.

Source : Baby Bunting Investor Presentation

Cheetah Digital partnered with Baby Bunting

Contemporary loyalty program launches today are selecting Cheetah Digital's loyalty modern loyalty capabilities. Two of last year's new loyalty program launches, Baby Bunting and Baker's Delight, slected Cheetah Digital as their loyalty provider.

Baker's Delight's program is already growing it's New Zealand membership on the Cheetah Digital platform. Later this year New Zealanders will be able to join the Baby Bunting Family program delivered by Cheetah Digital.

Cheetah are actively recruiting new loyalty program clients in New Zealand.

Billy Loizou and Rian Smith of Cheetah last year presented with Baby Bunting at the Australian Marketer’s Meetup on How FMCG Brands Can Maximize Growth After COVID-19.

Cheetah Digital and Baby Bunting : How FMCG Brands Can Maximize Growth.

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