Antavo's Caleb Gamble; restoring a Land Rover and winning Kathmandu's & Mercury's loyalty programs.


I’m Caleb Gamble, Sales Director for AUS & NZ at Antavo, an experienced loyalty leader, advisor and passionate retail technologist with over 15 years of experience working with leading global brands. From fast-growing startups to Top Fortune 500 companies, I’ve overseen the acquisition and deployment of innovative SaaS customer experience technologies, including in-store customer analytics, mobile-first phygital engagement, and omnichannel digital loyalty platforms in the local retail sector.

Interests , sports & hobbies

Aside from my professional career, my interests center around an active lifestyle, including early morning surf sessions, intense CrossFit training, and the occasional mountain bike ride through the local hinterland. (I’m currently riding a Giant Fathom 1 hard tail). In recent months, however, my spare time and weekends have been filled by the recent purchase of a 1980 vintage Series 3 Land Rover. Her name, care of my son, is Rosy and she has her own Instagram page. Initially set out to be a coastal beach runner, the once-casual side project has quickly become a restoration obsession.


Sharing my passion for surfing and, luckily, vintage cars are my family, including my wife of thirteen years and our two young boys, who share a birthday three years and thirty minutes apart.

How I got into loyalty

In 2018, I was at a retail industry event covering the future impact of Amazon on the local retail market, where I met the Founder and CEO of The Point of Loyalty, Adam Posner. After discussing common interests in retail, customer experience and loyalty, Adam connected me with a UK-based loyalty platform provider seeking to expand into the AUS & NZ region. Several meetings later, and the rest is history!

Who is Antavo ?

Antavo delivers a pure-play loyalty program technology for omnichannel and eCommerce, combined with next-gen in-store functionalities. We provide true omnichannel solutions, enabling hyper-personalized and data-driven communication. Our technology is listed in all the Gartner and Forrester reports.

Where was Antavo founded ?

Antavo was founded in London by four Hungarian co-founders back in 2012. Initially, the company started with a different product with a smaller scope, but didn’t take long to realize the potential of the loyalty industry, which proved to be a great match for us. After pivoting with the product in 2016, we managed to sign with one of the largest toy retailers. The success continued, as Antavo quickly reached the point of serving enterprise-level companies from all over the world, signing with globally recognised brands, such as KFC, BMW, brands of LVMH and the Richemont Group or Kathmandu.

Who are the founders ?

Two of our co-founders have been working together for 20 years, and the other two of them are married. Many founding teams break up over time, but they are committed to their company and each other that I find really inspiring.

Where did the Antavo name come from ?

It is an invented name that the founders came up with. I heard that they had 3-4 names in mind that all had six letters, and asked their friends to vote. Antavo came up best, plus it starts with an “A” that always goes well in listings!

Where has Antavo expanded to ?

For years, the team consisted of around 30 people, but as we transformed into an enterprise-focused company, the employee-count skyrocketed, and we’re now working with over 100 highly trained, professional team members, who are passionate about what we’re doing.

In 2021 Antavo reached an impressive growth revenue-wise as well, we achieved a 3x year-on-year revenue growth globally.

How does Antavo approach this market ?

Antavo has a strong presence in the global loyalty market and a broad range of loyalty expertise, having worked with leading brands and companies from a diverse range of industries and sectors. We see many similarities and trends in the local region as we do in the international markets through our work abroad. This mainly centers around a need for companies to move beyond a purely transactional relationship with their customers and develop a more meaningful relationship through experiences and brand engagement. Based on Antavo's APAC Customer Loyalty Report, 30.3% of respondents offering a loyalty program classified their program as more emotional than rational, scoring 9.6% above the global average. APAC companies may seek to stand out by focusing more on engaging program elements, like offering experiential rewards, rewarding non-transactional actions, referrals and an active lifestyle.

How is Antavo structured to help loyalty managers?

Antavo is no-code, headless and supports lifestyle loyalty and other innovative formats. So what does this stand for?

  • Antavo is no-code, meaning that the CRM Manager or Loyalty Manager is able to configure the loyalty program, and there is no need to depend on IT. In fact, 86% of loyalty program owners in APAC recognize the value of no-code technologies - this is according to Antavo’s APAC Customer Loyalty Report.

  • Our tech is headless, meaning that it’s a powerful engine that may serve any interface you want, so it’s up to businesses where they want to connect with their customers: in a loyalty mobile app, or a loyalty pass, or in store or in a WeChat mini app.

  • Lifestyle loyalty, paid loyalty programs, referral/influencer loyalty programs are all that brands need in the future, as we are getting farther from the traditional earn and burn. One of our mountainwear retailer clients is rewarding if you go hiking on the weekend. This is an amazing example I am talking about everywhere.

Who does Antavo work with ?

LVR Privilege by LuisaViaRoma, the luxury fashion retailer: The company wanted a loyalty program that seeks customer experiences, but at the same time provides an edge in a competitive market. After 2 years of running, their eCommerce loyalty program that is powered by Antavo lifted customer retention by 59%, revenue by €16m, and website visits by 3.8m. Check out their case study here.

Inside Edge by BMW, the premium manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles: The B2B loyalty program is a first of its kind in the luxury automobile space, making it possible for BMW to connect with a difficult-to-reach audience. Inside Edge offers exciting work-related benefits, such as free access to Expensify, the expense management software, as well as Peptalk, so drivers can listen to motivational speakers on the road. Read more here.

Voyage and Boulevard de Luxe by Lagardère, the travel retail brand: A major highlight of the company’s loyalty system is that the two reward programs are interconnected through a shared database. Both programs incentivize non-transactional activities, such as quizzes. Catering to frequent travelers, the reward system also encourages live streaming and social shopping through the WeChat mini app. Check out their case study here.

Bergzeit Club by Bergzeit, the outdoor and mountaineering retailer: The company wished to create a like-minded community of hiking enthusiasts and build emotional loyalty. Therefore customers are rewarded for doing sport activities via the Strava integration. By linking their Bergzeit Club profile to the app, customers earn points for each milestone they reach by exercising or hiking. Check out their case study here.

What’s next for Antavo?

Multiple, sophisticated tiers: Responded to the increasing need of handling tier systems with more sophisticated mechanisms. A luxury retailer working with us is in fact using the capability of building multiple tier systems with Antavo, which would allow a user to get benefits from two separate tier systems, that are based on different activities. For example, a tier system can be based on point collection, while another one is based on purchases.

Gamification: Designed a gamified loyalty program for BrewDog, the global craft beer brewer and bar business, based on badges that allow customers to achieve quick wins, which is in line with their business operating model. Users can unlock a reward (discount, exclusive content, freebies) by completing one or more actions, while collecting badges that represent their achievement.

Supported low-frequency businesses in the luxury and beauty industries to increase the number of touchpoints with their customers via challenges that reward actions beyond the buying cycle. An Italian beauty brand is in fact giving points in exchange for social media follow & shared posts, while Bergzeit, the outdoor retailer is rewarding customers for going hiking thanks to an integration between Antavo and Strava.

Adapted the concept of a loyalty program for a subscription model business, where loyalty benefits (collecting points, access to a reward shop where points can be exchanged for freebies) are accessible only once the subscription to the business has been activated.

Malls: Supported setup of complex business realities such as a mall in Hong Kong, which is relying on our system to run multiple loyalty campaigns set up to reward purchases of different products amongst the mall tenants.

New releases and product roadmap inclusions: Many companies are building a sales organization, but we want to be best in the product, globally. In 2022 we are planning to spend 60% of our revenues on R&D, and we have been releasing quarterly product releases since 2018. It’s a big commitment to constantly develop the product, but it benefits our customers in the end.

Recently we started producing short event streams of the latest developments in video format, accompanied by screencasts. Here is an example of the latest Q1 2022 product release, featuring Shawn Chan, our VP of APAC as well,:

Why has Antavo been successful ?

It’s the product - but I talked about it a lot already. Another equally important thing is the thought leadership we are doing. Our loyalty experts at Antavo are great in sharing their knowledge about loyalty. If you look up any term around loyalty, you are likely to find articles, ebooks or reports that were produced by Antavo. I really like how generous the team is with their knowledge, driving the market. The recent Global Customer Loyalty Report we issued was downloaded by 2600 people in 4 months. It’s a huge number.

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